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Couplings are used to connect 2 rotating products together. No matter what style, the key feature is that the drive end and the driven end be concentric with one another. Special attention to these details are critical for the performance and longevity of the rest of the equipment. We have developed processes that allow us to control the inevitable so that the final product is the correct size and all critical diameters are concentric with one another. The types of couplings that we provide are:

These are typically used to connect multiple shafts together. They have at least one internal keyway and some have multiple keyways.

These are generally found where a motor is connected to a driven unit such as a pump. These are made up of several components including an adjusting nut that allows for height adjustment of the impellers that are further down the line.

This style of coupling is used to connect two threaded shafts together. They have internal threads that must be concentric with one another to keep wear on the shafts, bearings, and other components to a minimum. Typically these are left handed.


The wear rings and sleeves that we manufacture are found in all types of pumps. Their function is to give the rotating and stationary components a replaceable surface that can wear as the equipment operates. The decrease in running tolerances has allowed pumps to run more efficient and longer. With this decrease in clearance the need for roundness, concentricity, and hardness variations have increased. We have developed processes that allows us to meet the roundness and concentricity requirements of the market and with our heat treat capabilities, we can reach the required hardness.

Occasionally the customer requires that the wear components be hard coated with Stellite, tungsten carbide, chrome, ETC. We work with qualified vendors to provide this as required. 


We also are a manufacturer of several types of shafts.

Horizontal pump shafts are found in pumps such as boiler feed pumps. These are general high RPM pumps that require shafts that are very straight. We have developed a process that provides an extremely straight shaft for this applications. Some of our customers do not allow us to straighten shafts to maintain straightness. Our process virtually eliminates any straightening that would normally be needed. When required we can offer these shafts with outside testing such as magnetic particle, ultrasonic, and dye penetrant testing. These tests can be performed by a non-partial qualified vendor.

 Vertical pump shafts are found throughout industry anytime a liquid is being pumped. B&S is the manufacturer of the line shafts as well as the pump shafts for this type of pump. These can be offered in a variety of materials including 17-4, 416, 316, Nitronic and duplex stainless steels.

If you have a need for any type of shaft, please contact us.

Bearing Housings

B&S is also the manufacturer of custom bearing housings. These are found in all types of industry such as paper processing plants, lumber processing plants, and chemical plants. We can manufacture these from any material that the customer specifies, generally stainless steel of carbon steel.

Bearings and bushings

Also used as a wear surface, pump bearings are usually made from bronze alloys. Those that will be in pumps that move drinking water must be lead free. These are also made from stainless and nickel alloys.

thrust rings and thrust collars

Found in pumps and used to control the axial thrust of the equipment. Parallelism of faces are especially important. We manufacture thrust rings and thrust collars from a variety of materials.


Castings require a different process to machine than that used on a product from bar stock. Generally not all cast surfaces will be machined, therefore special care must be taken to assure the cast surfaces are concentric with the machined surfaces. The products that we manufacture from castings include bearing housings, impeller, pump cases, pump bowls, and diffusers. If you have a need for a cast part to be machined, give us a call.

Whatever the product that you need manufactured, give us a call. We specialize in low quantity products but we do have the capabilities for production runs as well.