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We provide material that is DFARS-compliant and in most cases, made in the United States of America. We can also provide any testing required on the material from something as simple as chemical and mechanical testing to more complex testing like x-ray fluorescence. We are continually adding to our inventory list to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Our ROUND BAR inventory includes but not limited to various sizes of Duplex Stainless, 316L, 304 SS, 410 SS, 420 SS, 416 SS, K-Monel, XM-19 (Nitronic 50) 1045 Steel, 4140 Steel, 1018 Steel, 1022 Steel

Our Tube inventory includes, but not limited to, various sizes of A890, CA15, CA40, CA40F CF8M, CF3M, CF8, CF3, CG6MN, CF10SMnN, CG6MMN, CF10SMNN, WCB and CB7CU-1

The qualified B&S manufacturing team is prepared to handle any of your parts manufacturing and service requirement needs within our capability and limits! Give us a call at 251-928-5291 and allow us the opportunity to serve your manufacturing/machine shop needs.