Internal Keyway Cutting

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Internal Keyway Cutting

When your product requires Internal Keyways, such as in Couplings, Hollow Shafts, Rotors and other Power Transmitting Components you can trust the qualified staff at B&S to deliver on size keyways to your exacting specifications within our machine capacity and limitations. Our machining capability is backed up by an extensive inventory of Cutter Sizes from 1/8” wide to 3” wide although our machines have the capacity to cut a keyway up to 4” wide by 36” thru the length of the bore.

At B&S, we have developed processes and tooling that allow us to control keyway size, taper and surface finish, no matter what the material specification is. Our machinists are capable of machining “Tandem” keyways as well as generate “Square Splines”. Cutting Keyways in tapered bores, parallel to the taper, are common practice at B&S by outfitting our machines with Keyway Cutting “Taper” attachments.

The qualified B&S manufacturing team is prepared to handle any of your parts manufacturing and service requirement needs within our capability and limits! Give us a call at 251-928-5291 and allow us the opportunity to serve your manufacturing/machine shop needs.