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When you require “Milled” parts, the qualified staff at B&S Machine are here to satisfy your needs. Precision complex shapes, diameters, concentricity, grooves, slots, thread milling of right hand, left hand and pipe threads, chamfers, fillets, radii, keyways, spirals and bolt patterns are common terms at B&S and treated with the utmost of care.

Whether parts are machine on our Conventional Mills or our CNC Machining centers, they all receive the same attention to tolerance and detail.

Our Milling Specialty includes but not limited to, Shaft Keyways, Facing and Milling Details on Castings and Special Fabrications, Extrusions, Flow Straighteners, Diffusers, Suction Bells, Discharge Cases, Rotors, Keys, Shaft Adapters, Packing Boxes, Packing Glands, Helical Grooved Rotor and Winder Drums.

The qualified B&S manufacturing team is prepared to handle any of your parts manufacturing and service requirement needs within our capability and limits! Give us a call at 251-928-5291 and allow us the opportunity to serve your manufacturing/machine shop needs.