2019 Trends In The Machine Industry


With the progress of the economy returned over the past several years, the machine industry is working overtime to keep up with demand. Machine shops across the country not only have to stay on top of emerging innovative technology, but the expanding interests of customers. Trends in the machine industry change often and these are the year’s most requested.

Custom Aluminum Milling  

Nearly all materials with a hardness tolerable for CNC machining can be used in most manufacturing projects. Out of the materials commonly used (brass, steel alloys and plastics) aluminum has become the top choice and most requested material by engineers recently. The reason? It’s the most inexpensive CNC machining material and it is a pretty manageable material to machine. It is also durable, resilient, resists corrosion and can last a lifetime. All of these attributes make this aerospace-grade material a great option for a variety of parts and components.

Trends in Finishes

Choosing the appropriate finish for a part is just as important as picking the right material. Selecting a surface finish can have a great effect on a component’s function, appearance, chemical resistance, roughness and firmness. The as-machined finish has become one of the top requests of customers. It has proven to be the least expensive option and offers better precision in measurement tolerances. 

6-Axis Machinery

The development of 6-axis machinery has created a lot of excitement in the CNC industry. This type of machinery allows the worker to convert a raw metal bar into a completed part. It works by turning both ends of the fixture; eliminating the need for additional fixtures. By using this type of unique machinery, operators are seeing less stack-up errors and a better quality of finished parts and components. Customers can now request items with complex shapes and diameters thanks to the speed and intricate ability of 6-axis machinery.

CNC Lathe

A CNC lathe is a type of CNC machinery that can be used for a variety of production processes. A lathe allows the user to work on a variety of materials including wax such as machinable beeswax, paraffin, wood, plastics and metal.

Large Piece Milling

Milling from a single piece of material has its advantages over assembling many pieces, and engineers are using the advent of large piece milling to its fullest potential.

With the ever-evolving world of machinery, it’s important to follow the trends and needs of your customers. It shows you are on top of your game and ready-to-work on any requested projects. Our team at B&S manufacturing is ready to serve you with our top-notch level of customer service and products.

The B&S manufacturing team is prepared to handle any of your parts and service requirements! Please review our extensive machinery inventory, which is housed in our 12,000-sq. ft building and supported by a staff that shares the same values to satisfy customer needs and requirements. Give us a call at 251-928-5291 or visit bsmachineshop.com and allow us the opportunity to serve your Manufacturing and Machine Shop needs.

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