Parts to Bring to Our Shop

Are you familiar with knowing what our machine shop specializes in? We offer five primary services, including internal keyway cutting, milling, heat treating, sawing and turning. With this in mind, certain parts are considered best to bring in under our services and machine limitations. Read more about the different parts and why they are suited to fit our machines below.

Power Transmitting/Generation Components

Parts that need internal keyway cutting such as precise sizes are usually found in power transmitting components. Couplings are meant for transmitting drive torque and angular velocity. Hollow shafts are full of power and are meant to take on a torsional load. So since diameters vary, it is important that machine tooling and tapered bores are done correctly. Other parts include rotors, clutches and splined hubs.

Tool and Die Mold Making Industry Parts

The process of milling (cutting shapes into metal) is typically used in tool and die making industry pieces. Such molding parts include guide pins, steel and carbide punches, perforators, die set components and complete die sets. These parts may have defects such as holes, known axially symmetric shapes mistakes, slots or pockets in which our production/technology can fix.

Threaded Parts for Industrial Applications

External and internal thread parts repairs include bolts such as hex heads, screws such as socket sets, nuts, threads, grooves, bushings, connectors, gears, shafts and valves. In the case that mechanical properties such as steel need adjustment, heat treating is available.

Commercial Pump Parts

High-pressure pumps include casings, impellers, mechanical seals, bearings such as roller, ball or babbitt, connecting rods, pump valves and couplers. All of these parts support pumps and repairing of equipment is sometimes needed.

Oil and Plant Parts

Fabrications of these industrial parts are custom engineered. These include flapper valves for oil fire suppression systems, thickened line pipes, armada carriers, machine turbines, stop and control valves, dust collectors, tubular furnace product coils, riser connectors plus much more.

No matter the dimensions, prototypes or unique fabrications your part may need, your projects are our priority. Materials such as plastic, aluminum and different types of steel or metal parts are open to capacity specialties. CNC machinery allows for accuracy and customized capabilities by using our tool designs for your specific part operation.  Our team, at B & S Machine Shop, is prepared to handle any of your parts and service requirements! Please review our extensive machinery inventory, which is housed in our 12,000 Square Foot building and supported by a staff that shares the same values to satisfy customer needs and requirements. Give us a call at 251-928-5291 or visit and allow us the opportunity to serve your Manufacturing and Machine Shop needs.

Parts to Bring to Our Shop
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