Save Time by Using a CNC Machine Shop

With just the four easy steps of quote, order, parts and shipment, your parts will be ready in no time, to exact specifications with a fast turnaround time. CNC machines are known for being cost-efficient and for getting your machined product made with the clean cuts it needs. Older machines, such as routers and vertical millers, do not have the capacity as CNC machines do. Save time today by using our services that include internal keyway cutting, milling, heat treating, sawing and turning.

Accuracy Every Time

Get the precision you need with the help of our CNC machine. We carefully inspect the parts and find a solution, even with prototypes, intricate shapes and patterns. The tools we use, such as milling or internal keyway cutting, plus the techniques we use, like working at lower speeds to account for deviation, helps us get accurate results. We pay close attention to the details that matter, such as measurements that stand the par with CNC walls within the machine.

Tolerance at Full Capacity

Our CNC machines do not only operate at full speed, but offer optimized chip loads with the help of our cutting-edge tools. CNC routers are utilized with settings meant for automated solutions, which are faster than known traditional machines. The machine is built and programmed to reduce human error so that your part is delivered correctly.

Updated Software

CNC machines must be updated with the latest software as part of the manufacturing process. Doing so provides a faster production speed without overwhelming our employees with too much work. They can focus better on CNC mills without manual machines requiring all the time and attention. Different components of CNC machines can be supervised and easily monitored by few workers or even one, while other employees efficiently work on other tasks.

Quick Cycle Time

Even the most complex parts can easily be made quicker because of integrated tools and settings within the machine. It is known for its smart computer-numerical control and G-code, which helps with things like feed rate and high speeds. Metal parts are more complicated to work with; but with CNC machines, all angles of axes are generated. Manufacturers choose this form of service because it is known to have a quicker cycle time compared to conventional mechanisms which do not facilitate a guaranteed production rate or accuracy. By using CNC machines, any high quantity project of yours will seriously reduce wasted time.

The B&S manufacturing team is prepared to handle any of your parts and service requirements! Please review our extensive machinery inventory, which is housed in our 12,000-square-foot building and supported by a staff that shares the same values to satisfy customer needs and requirements. Give us a call at 251-928-5291 or visit and allow us the opportunity to serve your Manufacturing and Machine Shop needs.

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