What is Heat Treating Used for?

There are different types of heat treatments, including annealing, normalizing, hardening, tempering and case hardening, to name a few. The number one thing they have in common is the ability to heat and cool metals, as well as many manufactured parts with varying temperatures. The material in the shop is supported by the furnace graphs and final hardness documentation. Read about why we use heat treating and how are able to provide you with heat treatment solutions for your manufactured part with diffusions in specific temperatures and timing.

Withstand Wear and Abrasion
Altering the metal material allows the parts to withstand wear and abrasion as well as for measurements in thickness. Precision and performance are improved by the changing of high/cool temperatures and tempering. Transitioning from a high temperature to room temperature will allow for toughness with materials that need it. Steel, for example, may involve the process of annealing in order for cold forming to take place. Surface hardening also helps with the erosion in order to resist shock loading.

Easy Welding
The capabilities and mechanical properties of heat treatment make for a secure post welding method. Our machines make this possible, along with taking tolerance and overall costs into consideration. The process also allows for a lower risk of residual stress and meeting proper codes/standards. Welding methods are, therefore, vital since it gives the structure enough time to get back to its beginning stage.

Improving Turnaround Times
The process of heat treating makes what would be a time-consuming process into stress relieving of fabrications and weld-repaired parts. Turnaround times are reduced due to their design and depending on the type of treatment being made. Be sure to communicate your deadline beforehand with the shop so that workflows and the manufacturers work together to deliver your product and run the furnace at an appropriate load.

Lifespan Resistance
One of the key benefits that comes with heat treatment is its ability to give the part made of steel, metal or aluminum a lifespan resistance/hardness. Its aging treatment offers a solution to hasten the alloying material in correspondence with the metal structure. Its increased strength and durability with correct temperature procedures make it a flexible product since it can be hardened or softened as well. If you are in need of improving surface, electrical or magnetic properties for your parts, heat treating is an option that gives you just that.

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What is heat treating used for
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