What Makes Our Manufacturing Process Different

Our manufacturing process is like no other machine shop. Production is our main priority and usually consists of high-mix, low volume bearings to maximize the process. No more having to wait for weeks to get a part you need! We have the tools and transportation you are looking for.  You can read about what makes our process different and how our quality beats other competitors below.  

It’s all in the details

It begins at the shop with our small, experienced team. We have the same capability as a more extensive shop with the same service requirements, except with quick in-house turnaround times. We specialize in services and projects with the right tools and equipment, but can also keep up with demands. From shipping parts in the safest way possible to backing up specified documents, our capabilities and limits are proven time and time again to give you the result you want. We have even been known to use vertical and horizontal integration, that other smaller shops cannot attain.

Integrated ERP Software Program

We track and manage orders using the ERP software program to serve you better. However,  not all machine shops may invest in this handy software since specific packages are sold separately and can be quite expensive. We integrated this solution in the shop to make the manufacturing process efficient and accurate with industry expertise. Being able to lead a project with reports helps us make fewer mistakes while finding solutions and transferring information systematically. We can also better manage finances and people with whom we work to create a better technology-based environment with the help of an ERP program. 

Four easy steps process (Job Management)  

The manufacturing process is divided into four easy steps, including: a quote, order entry, manufacturing, and shipping. These steps make it easy for you to obtain the correct materials. No need to worry about expensive pricing. Our quotes are reasonable and order entries are carefully gathered. Our extensive inventory of equipment helps make sure we can operate at high-speed while delivering promptly. Shipping is also made easy because we work with LTL freight lines and global logistics companies as we strive to go above and beyond. 

Start the manufacturing process today by receiving a quote with your request by emailing us at rfq@bsmachineshop.com. Next, we collect any purchase orders, move on to production and lastly, get it ready for shipping.

The B & S manufacturing team is prepared to handle any of your parts and service requirements! Please review our extensive machinery inventory, which is housed in our 12,000 Square Foot building and supported by a staff that shares the same values to satisfy customer needs and requirements. Give us a call at 251-928-5291 or visit bsmachineshop.com and allow us the opportunity to serve your Manufacturing and Machine Shop needs.

What Makes our manufacturing process different
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