What is Keyway Cutting?

What is Keyway Cutting? Today, most modern machines are comprised of rotating gears and pulleys. Whether it’s a car or a vacuum cleaner, most have rotating parts with a shaft fixed to a gear. Keyway cutting helps bond a gear or pulley to a shaft. Keep reading for more about the different ways to use the keyway-cutting method. What is a Keyway? When a gear, or something similar, needs to fit onto a rod or

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Benefits of Using a Local Machine Shop

Benefits of Using a Local Machine Shop The advantages and capabilities of using a local machine shop for your project are that they are more readily available than regular machine shops. From custom parts to high-quality material, a local shop pays close attention to details that matter in production and that pertain to your industry. You also want to make sure you are investing as well as getting the best quote.   More Service Options

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The Importance of Testing Pneumatic and Hydraulic Valves

The Importance of Testing Pneumatic and Hydraulic Valves Hydraulic and pneumatic valve systems are used worldwide in various industries. The importance of testing pneumatic and hydraulic valves cannot be understated. Maintaining adequate function and safety is the key to not only get the job done but to ensure users and end-users stay safe. The testing of pneumatic and hydraulic valves needs to be left to the professionals. There are very strict guidelines around proper testing

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6 Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Machine Shop

6 Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Machine Shop When you are searching for a machine shop, you should be sure to do thorough research in order to determine what shop is best for your project. Ordering parts can be an extremely complex process and many consumers run into issues that are avoidable when proper research is done. At B&S Machine Shop we have compiled a list of six things that should be considered

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Different Types of Welding

Different Types of Welding When it comes to machine shop services, welding is a commonly needed service. It requires precision and a keen eye in order to produce a finished piece. While we may think of the type of welding seen in movies and television shows, there are many different types of welding used in the industry. Arc Welding One of the most popular kinds of welding is Arc Welding. It is the first type

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Five Machine Shop Safety Tips

Five Machine Shop Safety Tips Practicing safety in your machine shop is vital to operating a successful business. Safety measures must be enforced to ensure your employees’ protection and keep production on track. These five safety tips will ensure your shop is operating with everyone’s protection in mind. Train Employees Whether you have hired new employees or have had the same staff for a number of years, everyone needs proper training. New employees may be

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